Welcome to the Isles of Memory Campaign

How It Begins…

The party are not Heroes. They’re not even citizens of any kingdom. They’re slaves on a ship bound for the markets in Cassari. The ship has been at sea for weeks. The conditions are terrible. Slaves are packed together in the hold like sardines all chained together. They’ve only been given enough water to survive and food is nonexistent. A few of the slaves have resorted to eating the rats that infest the ship for sustenance. They haven’t seen sunlight since the ship left port. The only way to know its night is the calmness of the ship.

A ballista bolt the size of a halfling explodes through the side of the ship! Splinters of wood fly in all directions in the hold and the slaves begin to panic. The alarms on the ship are sounded and the entire crew of slavers begin to scramble. Then a loud THUD on the deck of the ship explodes into flames. Liquid fire drips between the cracks and the slaves climb on each to try and get away. Then another ballista bolt strikes the other side of the ship! This one destroys the system of rings chaining the slaves together. Their hands are still chained, but they are able to free themselves and move about the hold.

Check out the Adventure Log for the rest of the story!

Now Introducing Sovereign Isle! Welcome to the isle of pirates.

Different factions of pirates rally under the Pirate Lords on Sovereign Isle. While everyone on the island is free, there are still many opinions on what should be acceptable. The pirates of Sovereign City follow the Code, while the marauding Thumes pirates only follow strength and keep what they can take by force. The island has a reputation for being a den of iniquity. Thieves, rogues, and cutthroats are much more common here. They’re also known for hosting wild parties, festivals, and other events.


Isles of Memory

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